Who Was Kathryn Kay?

Kathryn Kay was one of the most unforgettable people one could ever meet. She was a dynamic fireball of enthusiasm to her last day. She has recently passed at at age 98, on Feb. 22, 2005. She was full of life and excited about learning and experiencing all she could. She was a truly gifted poetess who published her first poem at age thirteen. She has had three major books of poetry published, as well as many individual poems as booklets. On these pages we will attempt to include all of them, as well as some new material. They include both light verse, as well as deeply moving poems which have given many new hope when they had been in despair.

Kathryn Kay is timeless, a breath from eternity. When she was ten she appeared to be ninety and when she was ninety, she appeared to be ten. Who else do you know that is like that?

Many years ago, before there was television, there was radio, which was even better because you didn't have to watch it. There was a nationally broadcast show on KFI from Los Angeles which was a forerunner of the Jay Leno or Dave Letterman Show in that famous celebrities were interviewed or performed on it. Kathryn Kay was the hostess who introduced or interviewed these guests, and she became known as "The Kay who put the K in KFI." We thought you might be interested in some glimpses into their lives, so we included some of Kathryn's experiences with them. She's also had a remarkable life and we've included a brief life history. Some of her accomplishments are summarized in her obituary, and we have also included a talk her son John gave at her funeral, which includes some new anecdotes and also some hitherto unpublished poetry.