Don Wilson

© 1997 by Kathryn Kay,
All rights reserved.

Don Wilson was the Ed McMahon of his day, in that he was the announcer for the Jack Benny show, one of the most popular radio shows. One day about 1934, my sister Sylvia visited me in Hollywood, and asked me to go his show. I explained to her that it would be impossible because tickets would have been sold out at least six months in advance.

"But you can get some," insisted Sylvia. "I told everyone back home that I was going to see a Jack Benny show, and I've got to see it."

I repeated "That's impossible! They've been sold out for months."

Sylvia countered, "But you know Don Wilson."

"But that was years ago when we were at KFI together. He'll never remember me."

"Then I'll call him myself and tell him I'm your sister."

"Good heavens, no! Look, I'll show you I can't even get through to him, he's such a big star himself now." I reluctantly phoned, and to my surprise I was put right through to him. I nearly dropped the phone when he said, "Don Wilson speaking."

"Oh Don," I said apologetically, "This is Kathryn Kay. I know you won't remember me . . ."

"Kay, of course I remember you. How are you doing? What can I do for you?"

"Well, my sister's visiting me from Salt Lake and she wanted desperately to see the show."

He laughed, "But, Kay, you know that's impossible. The seats have been gone for months. "

"Oh, I know, I'm sorry I've bothered you, but . . ."

"The seats are all gone Kay, but if you don't mind sitting on the stage with us, and being part of the show, I could arrange that."

"Oh, we'd love it," I said in shock.

"Okay, just tell them at the door to call me and I'll take care of it." That day we both sat on the stage in view of the audience along with the cast. I sat next to Dennis Day and Sylvia sat next to Andy Devine, thanks to the gracious courtesy of Don Wilson.

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