Ethel Barrymore

© 1997 by Kathryn Kay,
All rights reserved.

Ethel Barrymore was one of the America's foremost stage actresses, from the legendary Barrymore family. Even though I had hosted many movie stars on the Midnight Frolic radio show, I was in awe that someone of her stature and importance would visit us. When Miss Barrymore stepped off the elevator she said to me, "Can I sit at your desk a minute, my corns are killing me." I stood by as Miss Barrymore kicked off her shoes and said, "Oh, that feels good." Then a starlet in flashy purple velvet with a huge feather boa trailing to the floor emerged from the elevator with her chauffer carrying her little dog. With a distainful flourish of her glittering hand she addressed Miss Barrymore, who was still sitting at the receptionist's desk, and ordered, "Get me a drink of water!" I was mortified and began to get the water, but Miss Barrymore motioned for me not to do so, and calmly told the young girl, "We get our own water here." The startled starlet recognized the deep throatly voice and stuttered and stammered as she withdrew into the next room. Miss Barrymore shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, saying, "Don't let them bother you. You'll run into them all the time." I have never forgotten how down to earth and wonderful Ethel Barrymore was.

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